Why you save 50%?

IVF Pregnancy Center in Hungary, Budapest clinic - BabyWe are very proud to help couples have babies with the same standards of care as American and British IVF Centers at a much lower cost.

Patients from America, Great Britain and all over Europe tell us their experience with us is just like walking into an American or British medical clinic – everything from the waiting room to the doctors’ offices to the advanced technology.

How is this possible?

IVF Pregnancy Center in Hungary - Budapest clinic - Pregnant womenThe medical doctors, embryologists, nurses and office staff in our country earn salaries that are 50%  less than their same-skilled, same-trained, and same-certified colleagues in America and Britain do because the cost of living is 50% lower here than in those high-priced countries.

Similar savings are realized on real estate costs and through our immense purchasing power as one of the leading IVF centers in the world.