Our location – Welcome to Budapest

“Who has ever been able to explain where love comes from? What is it that makes two people feel attracted to each other? It is a complex of physiological and psychological processes, inexplicably beautiful, uplifting and down-to-earth. It is much the same with cities, though their allure is easier to explain. We take away with us the abiding impressions of buildings, streets, squares and sights, and of course, the atmosphere, the feel of the place.

That is the sort of magnetic quality that Budapest radiates. Peaceful and bustling, a big metropolis and yet friendly, it treasures the old and embraces the new. Here the historic blends with the modern, the hills harmonize with the river, that is, the Danube, which flows through the city along a stretch of 28 kilometres.”

Our location: Welcome to Budapest

Please click on http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/budapest to find further information and a map.