Successful IVF treatments at just half the price

Hungary is a very special place. Please visit us and get to know our wonderful country at:

One of Hungary’s best kept secrets is that we are home to one of the largest, most experienced and most successful IVF clinics in the world; larger than the majority of fine clinics throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

This highly ranked IVF clinic, the Kaali Institute  was founded by a Hungarian-American professor, Dr. Steven G. Kaali in memory of his father. During the past 20 years we have performed close to 75,000 IVF treatment cycles, resulting in the birth of well over 20,000 healthy babies!

This experience and our very high success rate makes us the ideal choice for IVF treatment to have your baby.

What’s more, you will pay just half the cost of comparable Western IVF clinics. You will have the benefits of American-trained and English-speaking physicians and support personnel with a 15-year track record of high pregnancy rates. You will have the same top-quality medical professionals, safety and standards of care as if you were at any reputable American or British fertility clinic.

Let us help you to have a healthy new baby as soon as possible with no waiting list.  We pride ourselves on giving this opportunity to even the most challenging of patients.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of our patients choose the Kaali Institute by recommendation of friends and family. We are also recommended by gynecologists and family doctors.

Our English language IVF program director, Dr. Peter Kovacs is an American-trained infertility specialist.

Why choose us?

We are very proud that two Hungarian Presidents, a Medical University, and the American Hungarian Foundation have recognized our successful clinical and research work and professionalism. In fact, we are now responsible for close to 2% of the annual natural population growth in Hungary.

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Why you save 50%?

We are very proud to help couples have babies with the same standards of care as American and British IVF Centers at a much lower cost.

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Our services

Prior to starting a treatment you will need to visit us for an initial consultation. We ask that you have all relevant medical documents with you and that the visit be scheduled for the first half of your cycle.

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Our very high success rates

Our clinic sets the highest standards for patient care. Our success rates compare favorably to those in the United States, Great Britain, and other European centers.

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Our team and tour of clinic

We are the leading experts in infertility treatment. In addition to our daily clinical work, we publish our results in reputable peer reviewed international journals and actively participate in world congresses in the field of infertility.

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IVF procedure (program)

During IVF, the union occurs in the laboratory after the egg and sperm have been collected. This requires a number of steps which are outlined here.

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